Assignment 3- Cyberstalking

26 01 2011

When it comes to Facebook and Social Relationships you do not really think of cyberstalking, but it has become a growing problem. First of all what is cyberstalking? Cyberstalking is the use of technology to stalk a person(s). One can use the internet, e-mail, or any other telecommunication technologies to stalk and is thought of as a mental assault. This type of assault is illegal and when I looked at the National Conference of State Legislatures, it stated that there is three types of cyber crime; Cyberstalking, Cyberharassment, and Cyberbullying. The difference between these is that cyberstalking is  thought of as a threat to the persons well-being and if found guilty of committing this act, the states that recognize the cyberstalking laws, has the right to prosecute the individual as a misdemeanor or a felon. Cyberharassment does not involve a creditable threat, and cyberbullying is the use of technology of minors in a school setting to harass a fellow student.

I found a clip of Eliot Chang’s Stand up that relates to Cyberstalking on Facebook- Two minutes in the video is when it talks about cyberstalking.

· Prevention

  • · If the stalker is using Facebook- You can change your privacy settings so that it restricts access to people who are not your friends.
  • · You can even create a public/professional profile for future employers to look at and have a private profile for your friends. That is what this gentlemen as done, he also mentions that you can create an alert through Google, so that when anyone searchers your name it will notify you.

Recent Stalking Cases

  • · On December 2nd,, 2010 in the state of Florida a case was established stating that an individual was posing to be an affiliate with a sorority and using Facebook and other technologies to stalk and harass freshmen girls.
  • · The stalker would befriend these girls by offering them a potential spot in the sorority, and would have long conversations (hours and a time). But would later ask them to send inappropriate pictures.
  • · For more News on Facebook and Social Relationships see Andre’s blog.




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26 01 2011
Assignment 3 « spectaculor

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